North Austin Medical Center Ratings

Austin, TX 78758
Phone: (512) 901-1000

Hospital Type: Acute Care Hospitals
Emergency Services: YES

Quality of Care - Infectious Diseases - ER Wait Time - Patient Ratings

Quality of Care - Mortality Rate

How well does North Austin Medical Center save lives? 2% better than the national average, based on the overall mortality rate for critical illnesses.
Mortality Rate
Heart Attack16%
Heart Failure11%

Infectious Disease at North Austin Medical Center

Drug resistant bacteria are becoming the largest health facing the United States. There are an increasing number of drug resistant bacteria, including: drug resistant bacteria due primarily to unnecessary and mis-applied use among humans and livestock, patients with hospitalizations for relatively minor reasons can suddenly face lifethreatening illness.

While many hospitals are implementing questionable flu vaccinations1 for their employees, many fewer have as rigorous solutions for nosocomial MDR infections.

Infectious DiseaseCases
C. Diff
Sickens more than a half million people each year and has a 17% mortality rate after one year2
Causes life-threatening bloodstream infections, pneumonia and surgical site infections. Mortality rates may be as high as 20%3

Emergency Room Wait Time Ratings

Time until initial exam: 0h 27m

Non-critical cases where patient is discharged have total visit time of 2 hour and 16 minutes

Serious cases where patients are admitted have 2 hour and 29 minutes to be admitted, then an additional 2 hour and 20 minutes delay before leaving to their room.

Patient Ratings

While customer satisfaction surveys don't necessarily reflect the quality of care provided at the hospital, it can identify some areas that are important standards to maintain, such as managing pain and maintaining a sanitary environment.

Overall Rating: AVERAGE
North Austin Medical Center 4.75 out of 5 based on 30 ratings. 30 user reviews.

75% of patients rate the hospital excellent

Positive Patient Ratings

Some patients praise:
  • Nurses usually take time to communicate well
  • Pain was usually controlled for patients
  • Rooms and facilities are usually clean

Negative Patient Ratings

    No consistently negative reviews

    1Questionable efficacy of flu vaccination
    2C Diff Mortality Rate
    3MRSA Mortality Rate

    North Austin Medical Center Stories

    Feb 12, 2020, 11:44 PM
    Methodist Willowbrook Hospital: "I went to the emergency room with chest pains and had an ekg don3 and waited over 3 hours and they had 7 other people in front of me. I told them I was going to go to another emergency room and they ran the place very poorly" - Brett

    Feb 12, 2020, 10:17 AM
    St Luke's Hospital At The Vintage: "FYI; St. Luke’s Vintage Hospital let my husband die in ICU WHERE NO DOCTOR EVER CAME IN TO SEE HIM. I KEPT ASKING FOR A DOCTOR AND WAS TOLD THEY DID NOT HAVE A DOCTOR ON CALL! Don’t take any of your loved ones to this hospital!" - DERINDA

    Jan 07, 2020, 3:22 PM
    : "We came to Memorial Hermann Medical Center Monday 1/6/20 at 10:40 am at the advice of the nurse in our doctors office. My husband had vitals taken soon after we got here. At 8:30 we had not seen a doctor. When I asked when we might be able to see a doctor I was told that they were "unusually busy and the critically ill patients were stacked up in the back and sitting on the floor. And it could be 4 to 6 hours or more." Exasted, we went to a hotel and slept. After breakfast we came back to the ER at 9:30 am. They took his vials. It's now 2:15pm and we still haven't seen a doctor. Avoid Memorial Hermann ER if you can!
    - Pat

    Jan 04, 2020, 7:51 PM
    Shannon Medical Center: "I was left on a emergency room do I add table for more than 14 hours I tried various things to help ease my pain I had recent back surgery by dr. Luis duarte and something went horribly wrong they kept telling me that the x-rays and CAT scans look great the amount of pain I was in even after given injectable pain medication was horrendous insisted I needed to be in the hospital bed I kept telling me I was going to be put in a hospital bed and then they returned and said the hospital is full we have no beds so we are going to discharge you they discharged me to the lobby where I waited an additional two hours for someone to pick me up this is a horrible place do not go there stay far far away either way" - Mark

    Dec 12, 2019, 9:14 AM
    University Health System: "Going on the 12 th hour waiting to see an emergency room doctor at university hospital in San Antonio. My brother has not slept or eaten. I am in shock over this treatment.
    - Michael

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