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Jefferson Healthcare Hospital Ratings

Port Townsend, WA 98368
Phone: (360) 385-2200

Hospital Type: Critical Access Hospitals
Emergency Services: YES

Quality of Care - Infectious Diseases - ER Wait Time - Patient Ratings

Quality of Care - Mortality Rate

How well does Jefferson Healthcare Hospital save lives? 13% worse than the national average, based on the overall mortality rate for critical illnesses.
Mortality Rate
Heart Attack17%
Heart Failure14%

Infectious Disease at Jefferson Healthcare Hospital

Drug resistant bacteria are becoming the largest health facing the United States. There are an increasing number of drug resistant bacteria, including: drug resistant bacteria due primarily to unnecessary and mis-applied use among humans and livestock, patients with hospitalizations for relatively minor reasons can suddenly face lifethreatening illness.

While many hospitals are implementing questionable flu vaccinations1 for their employees, many fewer have as rigorous solutions for nosocomial MDR infections.

Infectious DiseaseCases
C. Diff
Sickens more than a half million people each year and has a 17% mortality rate after one year2
Causes life-threatening bloodstream infections, pneumonia and surgical site infections. Mortality rates may be as high as 20%3

Emergency Room Wait Time Ratings

Time until initial exam: 0h 0m

Non-critical cases where patient is discharged have total visit time of 0 hour and 0 minutes

Serious cases where patients are admitted have 0 hour and 0 minutes to be admitted, then an additional 0 hour and 0 minutes delay before leaving to their room.

Patient Ratings

While customer satisfaction surveys don't necessarily reflect the quality of care provided at the hospital, it can identify some areas that are important standards to maintain, such as managing pain and maintaining a sanitary environment.

Overall Rating: AVERAGE
Jefferson Healthcare Hospital 4.8 out of 5 based on 32 ratings. 32 user reviews.

74% of patients rate the hospital excellent

Positive Patient Ratings

Some patients praise:
  • Nurses usually respond quickly when patients need help
  • Pain was usually controlled for patients

Negative Patient Ratings

    No consistently negative reviews

    1Questionable efficacy of flu vaccination
    2C Diff Mortality Rate
    3MRSA Mortality Rate

    Jefferson Healthcare Hospital Stories

    Apr 09, 2024, 9:15 AM
    St Joseph Medical Center: "Aseptic technique was horrendous. Nurses dropping medication vials on the floor, not wiping it off afterwards and not changing gloves before touching i.v. line. Not scribbing the i.v. port prior to delivering meds, forgetting to hook up the i.v. line and antibiotic soaking my sleeve instead. No soap in the room for duration of stay (dispenser was broken). Waiting for help that never came after fouling myself because I was vomiting so hard because my anti-nausea meds were consistently late (fortunately, after 40 minutes a family member came and helped me clean up). Commode placed nearby but no toilet paper within reach, no gloves to use close by (needed because of lack of soap in the room), staff taking about patients at nurses station which was audible to other patients. I will NEVER go there again. Unsafe, understaffed and lack of recognition of basic aseptic technique. This hospital WILL kill people with their lack of emphasis on simple practices that keep patients safe. " - Karen

    Jan 26, 2024, 3:44 AM
    : "So slow I am having cramps wile I am pregnant and they don't seam to care . This is by far the slowest hospitals I have ever been in
    - Natasha

    Jan 05, 2024, 12:53 PM
    Providence Holy Family Hospital: "This was the worst hospital experience in my whole life!! I went there in so much pain I was balling my eyes out! I waited for 7 hrs! Crying the whole time. I had an IV started after 4hrs of waiting. So I assumed I would be seen soon after. It was another 3 hrs. No one ever came to check if I was alright! Or why I was crying. I got there at 5 in the evening and got a bed finally at almost 1 in the morning. I had to be dropped off by a family member because I was actually here on vacation with my 4yr old granddaughter. So I was stuck there waiting. When I did get back to a bed they did blood work and finally got something to help with the pain and then I had a CT scan. Then they gave me something that didn't help with the pain and when I told them it was getting bad still I got something else that didn't help. They then gave me a prescription of what didn't help and said that I was being discharged. I was still crying when I left there! " - Michelle

    Dec 18, 2023, 10:04 AM
    : "St. Michaels Medical Center in Silverdale is the absolute worst. I've waited more than 15 hours on a few occasions. If you go there at 5 p.m. they'll call you into a room at 11 p.m. to take your blood pressure. Then you return to waiting. That way they charge you for two days of admission instead of one. They never have a bed available and the hospital has no heat. " - James

    Dec 15, 2023, 12:37 AM
    Overlake Hospital Medical Center: "This is taking SOOO long! We are waiting in a hallway in er, in a chair, and can hear everyone else’s medical information- personal stuff we don’t want to hear. This is something I expected in NYC, not Bellevue." - Cat

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