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Chinese Hospital Ratings

San Francisco, CA 94133
Phone: (415) 982-2400

Hospital Type: Acute Care Hospitals
Emergency Services: YES

Quality of Care - Infectious Diseases - ER Wait Time - Patient Ratings

Quality of Care - Mortality Rate

How well does Chinese Hospital save lives? 16% better than the national average, based on the overall mortality rate for critical illnesses.
Mortality Rate
Heart Attack14%
Heart Failure8%

Infectious Disease at Chinese Hospital

Drug resistant bacteria are becoming the largest health facing the United States. There are an increasing number of drug resistant bacteria, including: drug resistant bacteria due primarily to unnecessary and mis-applied use among humans and livestock, patients with hospitalizations for relatively minor reasons can suddenly face lifethreatening illness.

While many hospitals are implementing questionable flu vaccinations1 for their employees, many fewer have as rigorous solutions for nosocomial MDR infections.

Infectious DiseaseCases
C. Diff
Sickens more than a half million people each year and has a 17% mortality rate after one year2
Causes life-threatening bloodstream infections, pneumonia and surgical site infections. Mortality rates may be as high as 20%3

Emergency Room Wait Time Ratings

Time until initial exam: 0h 22m

Non-critical cases where patient is discharged have total visit time of 2 hour and 15 minutes

Serious cases where patients are admitted have 2 hour and 4 minutes to be admitted, then an additional 1 hour and 22 minutes delay before leaving to their room.

Patient Ratings

While customer satisfaction surveys don't necessarily reflect the quality of care provided at the hospital, it can identify some areas that are important standards to maintain, such as managing pain and maintaining a sanitary environment.

Overall Rating: POOR
Chinese Hospital 4.15 out of 5 based on 19 ratings. 19 user reviews.

45% of patients rate the hospital excellent

Positive Patient Ratings

No consistently positive ratings

Negative Patient Ratings

  • Staff doesn't respond quickly when patients need help
  • Patients were often left in pain

1Questionable efficacy of flu vaccination
2C Diff Mortality Rate
3MRSA Mortality Rate

Chinese Hospital Stories

Nov 04, 2023, 4:13 AM
University Of California Irvine Med Center: "Worst ER experience ever. 7 hour wait for simple problem. Dr never saw my daughter but ordered x-raty based on info from surrogate non-MD and then discharged her without ever meeting or examining her. People waiting over 12 hours common. They call the names but the people gave up and left. Many people give up and walk out. Four angry patients fighting with staff after being ignored forever and getting angry. You never meet the doctors like a normal ER. They do everything using non-md surrogates. Is this legal ? A hellish ER experience unlike any other. is there a way for the state to revoke their ER licence or re-organize their system by outside management.A disgrace to the practice of medicine how they run it. I would never make the mistake of going there again." - Charles

Oct 29, 2023, 5:17 PM
Kaiser Foundation Hospital Anaheim: "Terrible experience in Nov-Dec 2022. I am sure they would deny! Cause all they do is cover-up & deny.Felt terrified & dismissed all the time I was there. I still have nightmares. 0 rating." - Patricia

Oct 10, 2023, 9:21 PM
Ronald Reagan Ucla Medical Center: "Bob arrived at the Reagan Emergency Room at 9am and left at 5pm. We were grateful that the entire time the staff were dealing with hundreds of walk ins their thoughtful care of Bob was appreciated. The doctors and nurses listened to Bob's issue that brought him into the emergency room and ordered tests and monitored him carefully during the entire 8 hours. Bob left feeling a great deal of relief from the issue that he walked in with. The hundreds of people who entered the ER during the 8 hours that we were there were treated with the same thoughtful care that Bob received. These dedicated doctors, nurses and staff deserve our respect for the difficult job that they face everyday in the ER with professionalism and competency. Thank you!" - Robert

Sep 29, 2023, 7:58 PM
Ronald Reagan Ucla Medical Center: "How do I go about achieving my medical records" - Billie

Sep 23, 2023, 2:32 PM
Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center: "One person name is Sandra may be doctor or registered nurse I am not sure her behavior was very bad & she told me we can’t do anything here go to your primary care do for finding surgical doctor with very rude but position was very emergency that’s why I called 911 around 12.45 am after I did overdose pain killer ibuprofen " - Rabeya

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