ER Wait Times in Wharton County Hospitals

Average wait times at hospital in Wharton County show the time patients can expect to spend. Actual wait times will depend on many factors, such as severity of the injury, time of day, and staffing. Patients are quickly evaluated as part of a triage process, so the most severe cases can be treated first. Depending on the hospital, this initial wait can run from a few minutes to over an hour. The times below also include wait times for initial treatment, since there can be many delays after the triage process. Choose an ER with a shorter wait time to get seen more quickly.

Total Wait Times
Gulf Coast Medical CenterWharton 2h 46m
El Campo Memorial HospitalEl Campo 2h 50m

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These are the average time from entering the ER to being admitted to the hospital by a doctor. In a busy ER, patients will be seen by a triage nurse first. Then the wait time will vary by severity, and how busy the ER is at the time of day. Patients with less serious problems could have substantially longer waits.

There is a 4 minute wait difference between the fastest ER in Wharton and the slowest.


Jul 23, 2015, 9:59 AM
Emerus Hospital: "Terrible. I have been to the ER in Murphy Texas twice and received sub-par care (actually negligent on the first occassion) and suspicious billing practices. When I called to dispute some charges (with reason) I was told, basically, that there is no way to dispute because they billed what they billed and you can't argue. I am currently researching how to make a formal complaint." - Amy

Jul 07, 2015, 9:37 PM
Parkland Health And Hospital System: "I came in today with my pregnant daughter at about 3pm and we are still waiting in the women emergency section.\r\nShe has back pain and cramps due to car accident. Why do they take so long to be seen here at Parkland Hospital.\r\nP.S. other patients here have been here since 8am.\r\nThis is not right." - Aide

Jun 18, 2015, 12:15 PM
: "the care here in a small town like Greenville, Texas, Makes Me Feel Like I'm Just Another Loser Patient, Being pushed out and in, or in and out of the door at every doctor I have seen in this town of Greenville, Texas, in the last three years, since getting back to Greenville, Texas, in the last three years, where I have lived in one other time now, and it makes me feel DEPRESSED And CRAZY..... I feel like a CRAZY person, after I have seen ANY of these doctors here in Greenville, Texas, and That IS Really DEPRESSING! my parents just call me CRAZY And A LOON, Ironically Enough, Because They Have To Drive me to doctors appointments, because I'm in my early 40's, and I don't drive a car, and I am unable to get to other doctors outside of Greenville, Texas that MIGHT be better?? THAT Really DEPRESSES Me, because I have put my health on Hold while My parents TAKE CARE OF THEIR NEEDS for months now, and I have just been pushed out of the way, And Now I AM Really SICK, and my parents are treating me like CRAP for being Really SICK now! DEPRESSING!" - Elise

May 31, 2015, 6:33 PM
University Health System: "Been in the UT San Antonio ER waiting room 6 hrs & 22 min with a hole in my stomach. The duck tape over the hole is not holding and fluid is leaking out. After multiple follow ups with the lady at the ck in desk I was was told I'm in the system and when its my turn I'll be seen. I'm telling you go to a different hospital for critical care." - Tomas

Mar 03, 2015, 9:08 PM
Tomball Regional Medical Center: "Never Go to Tomball Hospital. I just got out from a month stay because I got C-Diff disease and three infections. I just went in for a colonoscopy. And got C-Diff and three infections. Then they sent me to Kindred for long term care because of the disease and infection. I just got out last Step.from what was purpose to be a simple thing of two days and was in for two months because of staph infection I got in there I said the last time I would never got back to Tomball Hodpital well I will I Will Never Go Back To That Hospital. That is the nasty hospital I have ever been in. So if you want to get a disease or infection go there.I will not.." - David

Feb 07, 2015, 5:12 PM
St Luke's Hospital At The Vintage: "St. lukes at the vintage is a hospital of last resort. Don't go there unless you have a death wish. My best friend and his wife both died within 3 weeks of each other under suspicious circumstances. The people are not to competent. I'm not a Doctor but I don't think you give muscle relaxers to someone with congestive heart failure. It's a very pretty hospital but looks don't keep patients alive. " - Ralph

Dec 05, 2014, 5:38 PM
Good Shepherd Medical Center: "Good Shepherd Medicine Clinic was my primary care facility. Long waiting times, lackadaisical attitude, don't answer their phone or check their messages. Wrote the wrong prescription and took a week for anyone to even call back, after I had started calling main office. Corrected wrong prescription with another wrong prescription. I cried at the Kroger. " - Valerie

Nov 19, 2014, 5:31 PM
Harris Health System: "THIS system sucks really bad " - LeRoy

Oct 21, 2014, 5:15 PM
Scott & White Memorial Hospital: "The facility is dirtty. Gave my husband mrsa on a routine surgery he had three times previously. He never had mrsa before. But the surgery ran five hours late and they took less than half the time the surgery was supposed to take. They mix up blood tests and x-rays. The emergency room takes a minimum of five hours. They had heart attack patients coming in on the ambulance and placed them in the waiting room and gave them aspirin. Scott and white used to be stellar, but they have gotten to big for their britches the last four years. I\m desparate to see a doctor right now as I am bleeding so heavily, I am going through three adult diapers, not even pads, an hour. I can\t hardly move, don\t have the energy or strength to leave my bed or get to the bathroom by myself, bleeding wakes me up, the cramps are worse than labor, and this has been going on for eight straight days. However, I will have to be unconscious before I go back to a doctor at Scott and white. They don\t listen, they don\t care, you are just another number. And if you don\t fall into one of their common known issues, then you must be a liar and there really is nothing wrong with you." - Kelly

Oct 16, 2014, 4:54 PM
Weatherford Regional Medical Center: "Three times my doctor has requested mri and songrams for me and three time my doctor didn\t get the results. They only got the results after the doctor requested results and I physically went down to their medical records office, got the results and handcarried them to the doctor just to be sure my doc got them.\r\n\r\nI was told by Weatherford regional medical center that even though my doctor made the request for the test, he still had to make another request to get the results.\r\n\r\n" - gem

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