ER Wait Times in Wharton County Hospitals

Average wait times at hospital in Wharton County show the time patients can expect to spend. Actual wait times will depend on many factors, such as severity of the injury, time of day, and staffing. Patients are quickly evaluated as part of a triage process, so the most severe cases can be treated first. Depending on the hospital, this initial wait can run from a few minutes to over an hour. The times below also include wait times for initial treatment, since there can be many delays after the triage process. Choose an ER with a shorter wait time to get seen more quickly.

Total Wait Times
Gulf Coast Medical CenterWharton 2h 46m
El Campo Memorial HospitalEl Campo 2h 50m

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These are the average time from entering the ER to being admitted to the hospital by a doctor. In a busy ER, patients will be seen by a triage nurse first. Then the wait time will vary by severity, and how busy the ER is at the time of day. Patients with less serious problems could have substantially longer waits.

There is a 4 minute wait difference between the fastest ER in Wharton and the slowest.


Jun 21, 2016, 4:33 AM
Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital: "I went to Arlington Memorial by ambulance on the early morning of the 19 of 'April. I was not confused or on excessive drugs, but I chad been awake for finals and had been taking some diet pills. And had smoked a little cannabis but I was not like stupid. My nosey neighbor, is a crazy bored lady who I blew off earlier and wouldn't give her 20.00 and about three hours after the Grand Prairie police came to my apt and asked me the date and I could not remember the date. I decided to go to the hospital because the other alternative they offered was not good that being jail, so figuring I was going to be released soon and I was not in the risk or on a 5150 call the I was able to pick whatever hospital I wanted I chose to go to Arlington Memorial, I wish I would not of, I was completely degraded and demoralized and treated so undignified. I was made to feel dirty and nasty because that is the words the nurse told me as she cut off my clothes and gave me a catheter foe no reason when I had walked in there, and had remembered the date and was not in any type of psychotic stupor. Nurse Hillary Cummins continuously raised my gown to reveal my pubic area to the men that were in the er I dismissed it at first until she kept raising it and did this over 7 times and made my vagina a topic between her and several men in over and over. I asked for her supervisor and she gets Dr. Borelli, asks if their is a possibility of pregnancy. I was not thinking of any thing else nor was I abusive because I was worried about the effects of the pills and what it may caused to a possible baby, I objected to the nurse insulting me and showing my private area I objected to her doing it and the doctor comes and says you aren't going to be verbally abusive to my nurse and he start to tie me up and my one leg and the nurse still is showing my area. well I remember a horrific pain and. I woke up 2 days later tied to a hospital bed, I was denied water and food per doctors orders. If it had not been for my boyfriend and my knowledge of the law, Id be dead. I was sedated for no reason, the moment I'd wake up Id be sedated again, Now if this was a psychiatric call Id of been seen by a shrink, I gained a moment of clarity only after I was pushd back to bed after the staff told me I could not be on my feet. I knew something was off and DID NOT FEEL SAFE, the only question they asked my boyfriend of 6 years was if I had family, over and over again. He brought me food and gave me water. After the third day I am saying only God could have woken me out of that medically crazed haze because they had just given me something in my IV. I told the nurse when my boyfriend came that I was leaving ,she attempted o sedate me and I told her no So they were attempting to tie me up again, nope so they called security where he tries to reforce me to cooperate and be drugged and tied up so I asked if I had a 5150hold he said no so I said you cant keep me here. They told my boyfriend to keep me off my feet, due to the sedation, I was not allowed to stand on my own and was told I was not getting any paperwork by the nurse. I got home and my boyfriend carried me from the car to the bed, I slept for hours and tried to go to the bathroom which ids less than 10 feet away, I began to fall, afew hours later the pain was so intense and I looked at my leg and it was purple and my ankle just distorted. I went to Bedford hospital where I was told my ankle was shattered and dislocated. I had no falls and had not walked any where although I didn't notice my leg upon leaving Arlington Memorial because of the sedation, Now Arlington memorial all the employees who were no where on any papers nor would I know there names only because I remember their names and faces from the 19th in which I had arrived but no records of any of the nurses or doctors or their notes until I was admitted on the 20th in which I have no idea why or when. I was given morophine ,lovenox, and Norco, but I was in zero pain, my blood pressure was slightly elevated but not high enough to be a medical issue. A ct scan for what no contrast , and a test that is given for the detection of legioneers disease. They spew toxic encepthalogy my liver is not failing, I didn't huff toluene and the amphetamine result from the diet pills did not cause any toxicity. The head of the orthopedics leaves all his accomplishments abruptly and the other doctors who I could of named but they were only covering for the chair of your orthopedics who was to do a conference on traumatic injuries to the ankle two days after. I guess Tyler is a bustling city.4 people who I named and were named on my records all mysteriously gotten new jobs away from Texas health Arlington. The combination of drugs and the lack of food and water coupled with the laxatives, is the same way they treat end of life patients they are trying to hasten death with. I live with crawling and a complete disability for the rest of my days. And instead of keeping these people from hurting anyone or killing anyone you choose to lie, cover and put other peoples lives in serious jeapordy. " - April

Apr 29, 2016, 3:05 AM
Baylor Medical Center At Waxahachie: "Upon arrival at the emergency area the staff was quick to treat us but once we got back to exam rooms all staff was in the first area laughing an joking about being at the bar an telling jokes an playing grab as an not caring about the patients" - alpha

Apr 04, 2016, 10:09 PM
Seton Northwest Hospital: "I've needed to use this facility twice but if necessary will avoid doing so in the future and opt for another convenient ER. Both times I was there I found myself not listened to and inadequately cared for. One example is leaking IV sites that led to problems upon return home and overall lack of hygiene attentiveness while under admittance. However, they did get to me fairly quickly, I'm alive, and for that I am grateful. " - Judi

Feb 24, 2016, 8:14 PM
Conroe Regional Medical Center: "To whom it may Concern: Conroe Regional Medical Center located in Conroe,Tx is problably one of slowest communicating staffed hospitals I've ever been to for my mother we brought her her on 2/22/16 @ 11:00 AM into the emergency room with pain to her upper right chest & her peritoneal port being blocked due to her INR blood thickness being 4.6 they opted to no do any procedures to eliavate he pain in the chest be cause of possible bleeding issues here it is 2/26/16 at 19:00 CST & they have acknowledge that the blood level has come to addiquit level of 1.2 for clotting purposes we are told still we have to wait for a next in line appt to have the fluid drained from her upper right chest cavity to determine where it's comeing from & to see why her peritoneal port is stopped for intrance/exit of solution she hasn't be dialysis sense 2/20/16 the only thing I can figure is that POSSIBLY they have a cash cow from the insurance stand point I will never bring ME,My WIFE or My MOTHER hereAGAIN !!!!!!! she has now been over 26 hours with out any meal of any type be cause she is next next next next for this procedure My Name is DR Smith I will welcome any response to this COMPLANT !!!" - D.R.

Feb 08, 2016, 5:38 PM
Baptist Medical Center: "I was there from 9 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. left without being seen. Went in with severe chest pains and left with severe chest pains I wouldn't recommend anyone going to this hospital in San Antonio. They won't see you till you actually code blue. Probably still won't try to revive you even then. Worst hospital ever and staff are just rude. " - phylicia

Jan 22, 2016, 12:00 PM
Laredo Medical Center: "I've never seen a hospital ER that makes people wait for over 12 hours in my life. I've never been a patient there, but I have family that has been and I have seen people wait up to two days in the ER. I hope, for the sake of my family, that we never have to use this hospital. It would be quicker to go to one of those urgent care ERs that are popping up all over Laredo. " - Lee

Jan 06, 2016, 12:39 AM
: "Waited 11 hours to be seen @ Parkland, Dallas hospital. I am currently sitting in the ER room waiting for a doctor to show up. It'seems been 20 min in addition to the 11 hours in the waiting room. They have no sense of urgency here what so ever." - Brian

Dec 03, 2015, 7:05 PM
Seton Northwest Hospital: "Recently went to Seton Northwest Austin Texas for sever pain on / under left rib cage after a very serious fall. Huge bruises on my legs and back. I actually bounced hitting my head twice on the pavement. I was quickly x-rayed ... one front one side... never saw them. I was dismissed with a prescription that does absolutely nothing for the pain. I am still in pain and am not a pain pill shopper. Rare are the times I ever take anything stronger than 800 mg Ibuprofen. I have swelling in my lower region and aching pain throughout. The pain on my side on / under my ribs is slightly better unless I lift or cough. I feel like I was dismissed as a "complainer" and my pain not taken seriously. I had been in few months prior only because I was advised to get an injury checked out that I thought would be fine. This last visit has left me clueless as to where I can go to find out what is going on and get some kind of relief. \r\n Hurt and Disappointed" - Betty

Sep 11, 2015, 2:30 AM
Lake Granbury Medical Center: "I have had 6 surgeries at Lake Granbury in the last 3 years--not by choice--it was the only hospital my surgeon worked at. Although there were some very nice people on the staff, there were certainly some rotten apples. But much worse were the mistakes and poor medical practice EVERY time: running out of the right IV med, having wrong info in their computer system, ordering the wrong blood supply--repeatedly!, having no equipment needed for when I was unable to stand (and subsequently dropping me on the floor, and injuring me)......etc., etc. but the last was the worst--I definitely acquired MRSA during surgery.....and they're claiming zero cases? Liars! 6 months later I am still being treated for it, and will most likely have to manage it for the rest of my life--and I truly doubt I'm the only one that picked it up there--that's not how it generally works. And I came out of surgery with serious bruising in places that had nothing to do with the surgery--they know my genetic condition requires gentle handling, but it was obvious I had been very roughly handled while unconscious.....I'm done! I would rather change surgeons than EVER use that hospital again! And every time I've tried to use their ER (and it takes a lot for me to even consider it) they scratch their heads and shrug their shoulders, and act like there's nothing to find......and I end up driving to Harris where they recognize the problem-whatever it happens to be and successfully treat me--while being professional, competent, and kind. Harris Ft. Worth is definitely worth the drive! But I wouldn't want anyone I cared about to be in Lake Granbury" - P.

Aug 08, 2015, 2:53 PM
Conroe Regional Medical Center: "conroe medical center. -Conroe Texas. I have been here twice with my mom and second with my dad. Both times the same issues, communication among doctors is terrible. They repeatedly come to pick you up for tests and have to be reminded that we just had that test. Have to repeat to each person who walks in what we are here for. No one documents anything. If you ask a nurse what is happening you will get information that is not clear. Check out takes forever. We have been cleared by attending doctor but have to wait on a call from admitting doctor, Who has never seen us, before we can go. Will drive 50 miles out of the way to go somewhere else next time. " - C

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