ER Wait Times in Saint Charles County Hospitals

Average wait times at hospital in Saint Charles County show the time patients can expect to spend. Actual wait times will depend on many factors, such as severity of the injury, time of day, and staffing. Patients are quickly evaluated as part of a triage process, so the most severe cases can be treated first. Depending on the hospital, this initial wait can run from a few minutes to over an hour. The times below also include wait times for initial treatment, since there can be many delays after the triage process. Choose an ER with a shorter wait time to get seen more quickly.

Total Wait Times
St Charles Parish HospitalLuling 2h 3m

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These are the average time from entering the ER to being admitted to the hospital by a doctor. In a busy ER, patients will be seen by a triage nurse first. Then the wait time will vary by severity, and how busy the ER is at the time of day. Patients with less serious problems could have substantially longer waits.

There is a 0 minute wait difference between the fastest ER in Saint Charles and the slowest.


Oct 13, 2015, 1:58 AM
Christus St Frances Cabrini Hospital: "Been waiting to be seen in the emergency room since 2pm yesterday with pregnancy complication and it's now 12:57 and still waiting" - Sean

Apr 10, 2015, 4:31 PM

Apr 07, 2015, 5:36 AM
Morehouse General Hospital: "THE WORST ER I'VE EVER BEEN TO. I HAVE FOUR KIDS AND WOULDN'T BRING A DOG TO BE TREATED. NO BEDSIDE MANNERS. MY 3 YEAR OLD WAS TRAUMATIZED BY BIT BEING TALKED TO BEFORE THEY TRIED to do nose and throat swab. Was put in headlock for nose swab. This was around 6 in evening had him at Glenwood 7 hours later with strep throat two ear infections stomach infection a bad coughing. Moorehouse said he had upper respiratory infection was all. Total miss diagnosis. His doctor was something life Gooch a lady. She never introduced her self was most worst service ever in my life " - Melissa

Jan 17, 2015, 3:23 PM
Touro Infirmary: "The staff at this hospital has been the most rude I have encountered in a very long time.\r\n\r\nThe emergency room staff was wonderful. The surgery staff was excellent. The Acute Care Unit on the 6th floor is the worst care possible. They need to close that unit completely down and re staff the entire unit. There was several incidents while my sister was hospitalized in the Acute Care Unit which was completely uncalled for and avoidable. For one, the techs came in at the beginning of shift change to introduce themselves but that is the last you see of them until the end of the shift when they come in to introduce you to the next tech shift which you will not see either. The nurses have some of the worse bedside manners I have encountered. The entire time she was there no one came in to check on my sister or the other patient in the room with her unless you press the nurse button continuously and even then it takes 3 to 4 hours for anyone to come in the room to see what is needed. The doctors need to get together and make sure they all agree with the treatment plan for the patient and explain it to the patient and answer all questions clearly for the patient and their families before rushing out of the room. One doctor comes in and tells you one thing and another doctor comes in and tells you another thing and it is completely different than what the attending physician has written down. It is really horrible when the student doctors are better at your treatment than the resident and attending doctors put together. After all of the confusion I personally called one of my sister's specialist to find out what the treatment should be upon discharge and so the specialist's nurse asked me to ask the nurses station for the fax number so they could fax orders there for my sister's discharge treatment and the nurses just sat there ignoring me so I said excuse me three times before anyone acknowledged me and when they did it was in a very rude manner. I asked for the fax number and was very rudely given the fax number. The specialist's nurse stayed on the phone with me the entire time to be sure the fax went through and that I received it. I watched the fax come through and they continued to sit there. I said I am on the phone with my sister's doctor office and they just faxed orders for her discharge treatment for me. The RN supervisor or at least I think she was because she was standing over the charge nurse telling them how to do something on the computer very rudely grabbed the papers from the fax machine and fumbled through them without even looking and rudely told me there wasn't any fax this is all just copies. So I told her I am on the phone with the doctor and they just faxed it and I watched it come through. She continued to argue with me to the point I got so upset I began to shake and cry and had to walk away. The nurse on the phone could not believe the way we were being treated. The doctors even got very rude with the nurses doing my sister's plasma exchange just because she told them they could do the plasma exchange while doing the IV Solumedrol treatment. The doctors came in and told us her plasma exchange treatments would be at 9:00 a.m. when the plasma exchange nurse checked with the ATC unit on the 3rd floor which is the unit who does the plasma exchanges it was scheduled for 11:00 a.m. NOT 9:00 a.m.\r\n\r\nI will be recommending to anyone I know or speak with to NEVER use Touro Infirmary Hospital after the experience my sister has had. This was a nightmare from the time we walked in the door. I am very understanding of the medical field and I take a lot before just completely breaking down and I completely broke down during this experience. Is it not enough that we are going through a very terrible time with my sister loosing her eye sight, muscle functions, etc. with recently being diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis that we must also be treated in a manner such as we received at this hospital?\r\n" - Alicia

Nov 21, 2014, 2:12 AM
St Francis Medical Center: "I took my husband to St. Francis Wednesday, 11/12/14 at 8:00. He is awaiting a heart transplant. He was taken back and assessed immediately. The nurses and Dr. Sullivan were GREAT!! At 11:30pm Dr. Sullivan told us that he would be admitted, everything was done, we just had to wait for the hospitalist. 4 hours later the hospitalist, a young female, finally appeared. She smelled of cigarette smoke but did say she was trying to quit. Total time in the ER: 7 hours 40 minutes. Absolutely ridiculous. " - Dawn

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